FluidCom™ chemical injection valve and metering controller is a fully automated, simple and reliable device equipped with integrated autonomous valve control, continuous flow metering and self-cleaning functionality.

Temperature induced viscosity changes are known to greatly affect the flow rate in conventional chemical injection control valves, resulting in unstable and inaccurate flow. Over and/or under dosing has significant economic, operational and environmental consequences, and the need for daily manual adjustment, downtime and high maintenance costs has resulted in pain for the operators for years.

With the FluidCom™ chemical injection solution, flow control is achieved by a controlled heater that causes thermal expansion in tubes for fluid flow, whereby this thermal expansion is used to choke and control the fluid flow through a unique flow control arrangement.

In the system, a thermal balance exists between the applied energy for thermal expansion in tubes (and rise of fluid temperature) and the mass of the fluid flowing. Any undesired deviations in mass flow will affect the thermal balance, and the valve will autonomously start compensating flow until the thermal balance and flow set point are re-established, independent of what caused the deviations.

This gives FluidCom™ the unique advantage to keep flow at a set point independent of variations in pressure, temperature, viscosity or specific gravity. In addition the valve offers a self-cleaning functionality by its thermal autonomous behaviour.

Mass flow metering is achieved by measuring the fluid temperature rise through the device. By knowing the controlled heat energy applied and the fluid heat capacity, the actual mass flow is continuously measured, reported and controlled.

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 [other bracket/panel sizes available on request]

 [other bracket/panel sizes available on request]

Features & Benefits: FluidCom™ Model-S2

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